• Redundant ? Career change ? Staying Resilient ?

    Redundant ? Career change ? Staying Resilient ?

    Senior? Career interrupt? Needing a new Job? Can you be RESILIENT in tough times?

    For senior executives and managers, we offer either a one to one personalised CV building and coaching service, or  we can design group sessions for employers or local groups. Local 'Resilience Groups' can also be very helpful.

    We have developed a highly professional support and recovery service for executives who have been, or are about to be, made redundant. Losing a job and facing a sudden loss of a top salary can be a great shock, but no-one, however senior, should be too proud to ask for help.  

    We have very good references from FD's, Marketing Directors, Distribution and Logistics specialists, Retail Merchandisers, IT Directors and Project Managers. Some attendees have had Forces backgrounds.




  • Recruited ? Onboard with a new job? Making it work.

    Recruited ? Onboard with a new job? Making it work.

    We will construct tailored 'onboarding' programmes for new employees that Companies have recruited.

    We will complement what your recruitment agency may have offered and :

    • Tailor a coaching intervention series  so the employer gets good value from their recruitment spend.
    • Help manage the impact the new hire has on colleagues, subordinates and managers.
    • Meet the new hire every month for six months to check on progress and intervention needs.
    • Liaise with HR and work to ensure that the onboarding is not adversely affecting existing staff. 







  • Charity, Public, Private Sector - Transferrable Skills

    Charity, Public, Private Sector - Transferrable Skills

    Sadly, many senior Charity, University and Public Sector employees will be losing their jobs in 2019/2020 and many will be searching for new ones. 

    Mid-career changes  - especially for older candidates - do present some challenges and there are also cultural differences to be acknowledged if conducting a search for a job in a different sector.

    The consultants in our teams come from some of these backgrounds, and have special skills to advise on these situations.

    We will help redundant professionals

    • assess transferrable skills and observe behavioural strengths, supported by psychometric questionnaires
    • learn how to handle recruitment agents
    • prepare new CV's and coach in interview techniques to aim for fast success
    • reflect on their core capabilities and behavioural styles with regard to any new job
    • set the risk of change in context e.g time to train, lag in earnings
    • steer themselves towards realistic and achievable changes
    • prepare themselves for changes in cutlure and behaviours 
    • speak with people working in their target 'change sector' to hear about realities of that environment 

  • Business Growth and Leadership & Management

    Business Growth and Leadership & Management

    Business and Personal Growth ? It can be vital to re-assess your operations, your people and reconstruct your teams - leaders and founders often find that skill needs change dramatically in each growth phase. How to approach this ?

    For executives running a small business or Charity, or leading a division of a larger corporate, learning how to build better teams requires new skills. Is it best therefore to deal with experienced leaders who have been there and done it?

    Our advisers have that experience to:

    • Align people with the shared CEO vision and strategy
    • Help with staff retention - engaging and motivating people when they are under pressure 
    • Use psychometrics to help recruit the right people and build good teams 
    • Train in leading and communicating
    • Develop awareness and using emotional Intelligence
    • Show executives how to manage upwards to influence
    • Help executives build resilience
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There is no substitute for experience. 

We provide access to a pool of top quality coaches and HR consultants. 

All have run their own businesses so have 'been there,  done it', lost jobs and changed jobs several times - and made many mistakes.

 We apply passion, wisdom, judgement and leadership - showing kindness, care and  integrity at all times.  

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